Welcome to 3D Arduino Geek

Sometimes you have to start small. Arduino Uno (HERO version) programmed to blink an LED. I 3D printed the Arduino/breadboard case using Orange PETG.

I have a number of blogs, but none dedicated to my hobbies of 3D printing and electronics. Well, now I have this blog! Years ago I was very into electronics and robotics. For some reason back in the ’90s I kinda moved on and went full-force into computer networking. Now I have rediscovered my love of electronics and robotics. The current options available for the Arduino is just mind-boggling. With very little money I have built up a wide assortment of electronics parts, including dozens of sensors. Plus, I have recently become addicted to 3D printing. The use of electronics and 3D printing together just opens a whole new world of possibilities.

This site will be used to document my projects as I learn to build electronic projects using various Arduino boards. Plus for each project I will 3D print something accompanying the project. Sometimes it will be designs I find online, and some will hopefully be my own.

A huge thing I will be doing with these projects is building cosplay items for my son and I. One huge project I’m in the middle of is building a Ghostbusters Proton Pack. Plus we have my sons Bakugo gauntlets almost completed.

Stick around if you want to see the progress I make.

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