Alien3D October 2020 UFO unboxing pictures

Alien3D October 2020 UFO unboxing pictures

Halloween theme

It’s October, so the UFO has a Halloween theme (and rightfully so!). The Alien3D logo on the box has a cool ghost logo. The whole box itself has some cool Halloween style graphics.

October 2020 UFO.

This little box is filled with a lot of great stuff.

The UFO looks small, but there is a lot packed in this baby.

This UFO is packed!

After unpacking, I couldn’t wait to find out what the actual projects were. Plus, I thought I knew what the 3D printer accessory was; but I had to head over to the Alien3D page to verify my suspicion. Of course, I happily ate my UFO treats while doing so.

UFO unpacked.

3D printer accessory

Yep, I was right. This month’s 3D printer accessor is an extrusion spool holder. This is a pretty cool and useful 3d printer accessory. I have to admit I haven’t been happy with the one I’ve 3d printed off Thingiverse. I don’t often have to use an external spool holder, but I want it to work when I do. I wasted no time at all assembling this spool holder. I think it will work out pretty well.

Spool holder.

Filament samples

Filament samples are generally what gets me excited about subscription boxes. I love to try filament from different manufacturers. This month’s filament all comes from Sandoz 3D Filaments. Here is a look a the four samples.

Filament samples from Sandoz 3D Filaments.

Not only are there four different colors, but they are also all different material types. Here is what each of them is:

Silk Red temp tower on the printer.
  • Red – PLA Silk+
    • I’m a huge fan of Silk filaments. And this red color looks great. I’m hoping it will print well since I noticed a very cool Green Silk filament on their webpage and would like to maybe get a spool for an upcoming project. I’ve already started printing a temp tower!
  • Orange – PLA Plus
    • Not only is it a cool Halloween color, but it is also PLA+. I know some makers don’t like PLA+ because they think it is just a marketing term. But I’ve had some pretty good PLA+ from various manufacturers and hope this one holds up to a high standard (OK, I’ve had bad PLA+ too, that’s why I love samples, so I know before I buy a full spool).
  • Transparent Green – PETG
    • I’ve used a couple of transparent filaments, but always as PLA. I’m looking forward to seeing how well this transparent PETG prints. An upcoming cosplay project I have planned will probably require transparent filament. I’m interested to see if transparent PETG has the same strength qualities as the PETG I usually print.
  • Brown – PLA-F (PLA/ABS Blend)
    • Huh, a PLA ABS blend? I’m not sure what to think of this. According to Sandoz, this filament does not require an enclosure. Even better yet, it has better heat resistance than standard PLA.

Arduino project

I love Arduino projects. This month’s project looks to be a lot of fun. Since its Halloween, this month’s project is sound activated NeoPixels for a mask. That is pretty cool. I’ve already hooked up the Nano, Ky-038 Sound Mic, and NeoPixel strip to a breadboard and tested it out.

October 2020 UFO project breadboarded.

I have an idea of what I want to do with this. But I think I’ll wait to say more until I do a post about my actual make from this project. But I think it will be somewhat retro-cool.

Alien3D UFO box is still one of my favorite subscriptions.

A few of the stickers on my desk.

What can I say. I love the UFO subscription box from Alien3D. I couldn’t wait to start planning my project. If this project works out even close to how I’m thinking, I can see using this type of setup in future cosplay builds.

Oh yeah. And as always, I love getting stickers in my subscription boxes, as you can see from one part of my desk.

Song of the Day: VERRF Alien3D Flash Mob

Earlier this month Alien3D posted this video as part of the FERRF2020 East Coast RepRap Festival. I thought it was worth passing on and looked like a good way to have fun with a virtual event.

Bonus Song: More Flash Mob

There was even more footage, so a second video was produced.


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