Printed out a case for the Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX

Yesterday I blogged about getting my Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX booted up. It’s been a day now, and I have been doing almost nothing but playing around with code. Almost nothing. One thing I don’t like about SBCs is having an open chassis on my desk. I tend to have too much going on at any given time, so things get placed on top of other things. To help protect my Xavier, I decided to print out a case. This post will look at the case I printed out and what I plan to do with it in the future.

I couldn’t create a design I liked

I spent a couple of hours trying to design a case in TinkerCAD. While I was getting close to a design I like, I couldn’t quite figure out how to do everything I wanted the case to do. So I decided to pause designing a case until I get a little more experience designing chassis in TinkerCAD. I have given up by no means, more like I’m pausing my design and will instead go with a design already available.

Found two good cases on Thingiverse

I did find two case designs that I really like on Thingiverse. The first was created by AiueoABC, Thing 4522356. A preview of his design can be seen below. I like how he incorporated two 30mm fans. I’ve played with the Xavier all day, including running two video cameras and playing with basic AI. While doing this, I’ve noticed the Xavier can get warm. That is to be expected. And the fan mounted on top of the Xavier seems to be keeping up. But I like the thought of two fans helping the non-GPU electronics from overheating. 

Screenshot of Thing 4522356 on Thingiverse.

The second case I like was created by ysiegel, Thing 4523772. While this version doesn’t include a fan, I was trying to build many features included in this design into my design. Specifically, there are air holes throughout most of the back, sides, and bottom. Theoretically, there should be enough airflow going through the unit to help prevent overheating issues. Plus, this design incorporates openings in the case for access to the GPIO pins and Raspberry Pi port 0. Below is a look at this design from Thingiverse.

Screenshot of Thing 4523772 on Thingiverse.

I went with the second design.

After looking at the features of each case, I ended up going with the second design. Since I plan to access the GPIO pins and already have a Raspberry Pi 2 cam hooked up, access to those pins and ports is essential. Plus, I figure I can always through a couple of 30mm fans on the back of the case. They can still blow air through the holes in the back and create airflow out the sides and bottom.

Here is a look at the case printed out using Real Orange PLA filament from 3D Solutech. I chose orange for the case because I happen to have had the filament in my printer for doing a different print. Plus, I like the 3D Solutech filament I have and often go to it for essential prints.

Xavier case printed.

Case installed

Here is a look at the case installed.

Xavier with 3D printed case.

I love the look of this case in orange. There is a problem I’ve run into with the case already, though. The AI learning videos I’m going through with Paul McWhorter will use two Pi 2 Cams coming up in the series. I’ve already ordered the second Pi 2 Cam and will hook it up as soon as Amazon can get it here. But the problem is this case only has access to the first Pi Cam port.

To fix this, I have modified the design in TinkerCAD and added a slit for the second port. Below is a picture of the new design already printed out. The only change I made was to add a space for the second ribbon cable to go through. When the second Pi 2 Cam gets here, I can swap out the top of the chassis and install the longer cable coming for the current Pi 2 Cam.

My remix of the great Xavier NX case designed by ysiegel. I notice I may have made the new slot about .5mm wider than the original. If I have to make further modifications to the case, I’ll fix that.

Song of the day: Hakuna Matata

Earlier in the post, I noted that I didn’t choose orange; it just happens to still be in the 3D printer from another print. Well, I was printing a cool thing I found on Thingiverse called Lion on a Wood (Simba) by cncmodels4you, Thing 3969747. So maybe a song from that movie is appropriate.

Lion on a Wood (Simba), model by cncmodels4you, Thing 3969747.

I also chose this as the day’s song because I say “no worries” a lot. It is a great motto! So, without further ado, here is the song of the day:

Bonus Song: You’ve got a friend in me.

And one of my favorite cartoon movie songs comes in as the bonus song. Randy Newman did a fantastic job penning and singing this wonderful song.


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