ADABOX 16 unboxing pictures

About a month ago, I talked to someone in Discord about subscription boxes. The person I was speaking with couldn’t believe I had never tried the ADABOX from Adafruit Industries. Nope, I never really looked into it, which is odd because, like many Arduino techies, I’ve used many Adafruit products (heck, I’m working on an alarm clock designed around their PyPortal). So, I thought I would take the plunge and subscribe to the ADABOX. This post will have a few pictures from my first box, which happens to be ADABOX 16.

A great Tesla quote

The box ADABOX 16 came in was pretty large for a subscription box. I was wondering what I was getting myself into and if it would be too much. But I was sure that I had done well with this subscription once I opened the box. Right in front of me was a quote from Nikola Tesla, one of my favorites in fact:

Tesla Quote found in ADABOX 16.

I’m not going to pretend to be a philosopher and go into the many possible, more profound meanings of the quote. But I’ve always seen this as a quote that can be translated as “if you want to succeed, find out the waves of what you love and learn to synch up with those waves.” That is true for everything: work, love, family, hobbies.


I’ve noticed Adafruit spends a lot of time focusing on using technology in the fight against COVID-19. I think that is great. But electrical devices need help from lower-key tech. To that end, the ADABOX had a facemask at the very top. I thought that was a cool and caring touch. There is also an ear saver in a little hardware package included with ADABOX 16.

Mask provided in ADABOX 16.


Now for a look inside the box.

ADABOX 16 Picture Show!

At this point, I wasn’t sure what all I was actually seeing. But I knew this would be fun. How can you go wrong with a Rocky Horror Picture Show themed box? Plus, the name Pixel Show and the box’s size under the card led me to think this would be an RGB LED Matrix project. I’ve wanted to play with one of these!

Yep, that is what is in the box. Here is a picture of the 64×32 RGP LED Matrix.

64×32 RGP LED Matrix front.
64×32 RGP LED Matrix front.

And of course, the matrix is nothing without a way to control it. Included in the package is a Matrix Portal. This baby has a SAMD51 processor and includes an ESP32 WiFi co-processor. The matrix portal should be able to do pretty much anything I plan to do with it!

ADABOX 16 Matrix Portal.

And some goodies to go with the matrix.

Of course, the ADABOX has a few little things to go along with the matrix. This includes some black acrylic to act as a diffuser for the matrix and adhesive squares to mount the diffuser. A power supply, wire stand, and M3 screws are included to make the whole setup usable.

ADABOX 16 Contents.

Time to start making something!

I actually planned to play around with my Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX today, but now I might have to play around with this first. This is such a cool kit! I have to admit that some of the previous ADABOXes looked quite cool, but this box has me hooked as a long-term subscriber. Guess it’s time to get my matrix going!

Song of the Day: Rocky Horror Picture Show theme

The song of the day for this post was pretty obvious. Actually, this is one of my favorite movie theme songs. The lyrics are a great tribute to classic B sci-fi movies.

Bonus Song: The obvious pick

I think even people who don’t like the Rocky Horror Picture Show would know this song…

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