Makerbox Oct 2020 unboxing pictures

The October 2020 MakerBox Everything box got to my house this week. This is an excellent subscription that contains eight sample filaments per month. Four of the filaments are classified as easy and are PLA. The other four are usually different filament types, including exotic filaments I would probably never try without the MakerBox. There is always something cool in these boxes; I’m hoping this month will be no different.

Updated 11/10/20 to add a missed filament sample.

Opening the box

MakerBox Oct 2020.

The box came a little beat up, but that doesn’t impact the box’s contents. What matters is what is inside:

Opening up the Oct 2020 MakerBox.
Contents of the Oct 2020 MakerBox.

This months MakerBox Easy filaments

This months MakerBox Easy filaments come from Hello3D. It contains four colors from their Silk PLA line. The four colors are Silver Gray, Fog Blue, Wine Red, and Green. I enjoy printing in Silk PLA’s and hope this filament tests well, so I have another possible Silk PLA source. In particular, I am looking for an excellent silver Silk.

MakerBox 2020 Easy filaments from Hello3D.

I have printed a sample from Hello3D previously. A past MakerBox had a sample of light color changing filament. It was a pretty cool filament and printed nicely. The filament was clear/white/translucent but would look purple when exposed to UV light (I can’t find my pictures from those test prints). Hopefully, these silk filaments will print out nicely as well.

The MakerBox Explorer filaments

The MakerBox Easy stuff is always fun, but it four filaments that come as part of the MakerBox Explorer that I look forward to each month. This month has some very cool samples.

MakerBox Oct 2020 Explorer filaments.

Included in this month’s Explorer MakerBox:

  • Ninjaflex – Neon. From NinjaTek. I’ve actually wanted to check out Ninjaflex filament for quite some time. I’ve been told it is the best filament to use for making gaskets. That would be handy as heck for any Arduino 3d printed projects I plan to utilize outside. Plus, this glows in the dark, so it should be a fun sample!
  • POP – Black. From Hello3D. This is another Hello3D filament. Apparently, POM is a “strong, tough, engineering polymer” and known as Delrin. The packaging has a warning about using ventilation, and the bed temp is recommended to be above 110C. I might wait to print this sample until I get one of my printers enclosed.
  • Jessie PLA – Blood Red. From Printed Solid. This is one of my favorite filaments featured in a previous MakerBox Easy. The Jessie PLA prints beautifully and needs little or no finish work after printing. Receiving this sample reminds me that I wanted to order a couple of rolls of this filament.
  • Hytech PLA-F – A sample of this came with my Alien3D UFO box this month as well. I’m really looking forward to seeing what a PLA ABS blend will print like.

Heads up on a possible PETG option

Earlier this month Maker Box posted this on their Facebook page:

I would love a PETG Makerbox Easy! Hopefully, they get enough good feedback that they give it a try.

Time to start printing. Soon…

I have some other long prints going on right now, so I can’t quite get to these samples yet. But when I do, I hope to post some of my test prints so others can see the quality of these filaments. And in the case of a couple of exotic filaments, if I’m able to print them at all.

Song of the day: Jessie’s Girl

Well, technically, I guess the Jessie PLA is named after a dog. But I can’t help but get this song from Rick Springfield stuck in my head.

Bonus Song: Time to get away from pop

While Jessie’s Girl is a good song, it is a little too pop for my liking. I’ll play this great cover of Paint it Black by Eric Burdon & War to balance that song. The tremendous vocal stylings he mastered with the Animals works well alongside War.


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