Prints from the Oct 2020 MakerBox samples

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been finding time between prints to sample the October 2020 MakerBox subscription filaments. This post will share my test prints from both the MakerBox Easy selections and MakerBox Explorer selections. But I will note that I did not print all of the MakerBox Explorer samples, which I will explain later in this post.

MakerBox Easy sample prints

This months MakerBox Easy filament samples came from Hello3D. All of the samples are from their Silk PLA line. I had to print these at about 215 to get a nice finished surface on them. The four colors included were Silver Gray, Fog Blue, Wine Red, and Green. By far, my favorite of these colors is Silver Gray. The picture below does not do these prints justice (I’m working on better lighting for taking pictures).

One thing you have to watch for with these filaments is that they are relatively soft. Which is true for most silk PLA filaments I’ve tried. I did break a couple of feet off of figures trying to get them off the bed (to be fair, I didn’t wait for the bed to cool off completely). But it has a beautiful look to it. Even soft, I believe the sensor housings I printed in Silver Gray Silk will look great on a robotics project.

Hello3D Silk PLA samples printed on my Creality Ender 3 Pro.

Makerbox Explorer sample prints

The first of the four samples I printed was the Jessie PLA from Printed Solid. This has a beautiful blood-red color. I’ve printed Jessie PLA from a previous MakerBox. The prints I did back then all turned out great, and this one was even better. Below is the results of my printing with this filament. It lays down smoothly and looks so good. The temp tower only looks rough because I do some stress testing on my temp towers. I almost want to get a full roll of this color to print something Mars/Sci-Fi related.

Printed Solid Blood Red Jessie PLA printed on my Ender 5 Plus.

Then I went on to print the PLA-F sample from Sandoz 3D Filaments. I also happened to get a selection of this PLA/ABS hybrid in my October 2020 UFO box. I was worried a PLA/ABS blend would be challenging to print. Wow, my fears were completely unfounded. This filament prints beautifully for me at 225c. The printed parts seem to be very durable. Plus, since this is an ABS blend, it theoretically should withstand heat better than PLA. I could see using this filament to print robotics parts. You can see a few sensor holders that I printed with this batch.

Sandoz 3D Filaments Hytech PLA-F samples printed on my Creality Ender 5 Plus.

There are two filaments I chose not to print at this time. I did not print the Neon Ninjaflex from NinjaTek. I Haven’t had the best of luck with TPU prints. Soon I plan to get a second Ender 3 Pro that I will setup with direct drive. When that happens I will try this sample out.

Similarly, I chose not to print the POM Black from Hello3D. This particular filament recommends a heated build chamber with ventilation. When I get the new Ender 3 Pro setup, I plan to put it in an enclosure while making it direct-drive and installing an all-metal hot end.

Final thoughts

Overall I once again loved my MakerBox. I can definitely see myself buying one or more rolls of the Sandoz PLA-F for future robotics projects. The stuff prints so nicely and seems pretty darn durable.

Song of the Day: Go Ninja, Go Ninja GO!

OK, part of me thinks Vanilla Ice should be left in the past. But writing about the Ninjaflex filament put this song in my head. Hopefully, playing this will make it go away. Or maybe I need to watch the Ninja Turtle movies…

Bonus Song: Veteran of the Psychic Wars

To make up for playing Vanilla Ice, I’ll post a classic Blue Oyster Cult song. Michael Moorcock co-wrote Veteran of the Psychic Wars. That’s pretty cool. It’s just a great track!

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