November 2020 Alien3D UFO unboxing pics

Earlier today, I finished my light/sound mask project from the October UFO. Just a few hours later, I found my November UFO subscription box had arrived. Now that is timing. This short post will reveal the contents of this month’s UFO box from Alien3d.

Veterans Day theme

November includes Veterans Day. I have to admit that since I’ve had kids in school, I’ve looked forward to attending the Veterans Day program each year. This year, however, with no program I almost forgot about Veterans Day altogether. I know the owner of Alien3D is also a veteran, and I appreciate his gesture with the Veterans Day theme.

Alien3D November 2020 UFO subscription box is a Veterans Day theme.

Once again, a packed little box.

The box may seem small, but it is once again packed with goodies. As usual, the box contains four filament samples and a project that can be used with 3d printing. More on those later in the post.

This month’s printer accessory is a microSD card (with adapter) and a MicroSD to USB adapter. That is an excellent little accessory for the 3D printer. Even though I control my printers through Raspberry Pis with Octoprint, I still occasionally have to move files to and from a printer manually. And the crap adapters that came with my printers broke long ago.

The excellent gingerbread cookie snack included in the box is helping me write this post.

Contents of the November 2020 Alien3D UFO.

Filament Samples

This month’s filament samples all come from GreenGate3D. GreenGate3D sells recycled PETG filament rolls. I’ve printed a selection of their Mars Red PETG in a previous MakerBox. I remember that filament sample for two reasons. One, it printed quite nicely. But second, it was probably the coolest color of Red I had printed. Someday I want to get a full roll of it.

To go along with the Veterans Day theme GreenGate3D chose appropriate colors:

  • Prime Time Slime: As a Ghostbusters fan, I already know what I can do with this sample.
  • American White
  • American Red
  • OD Green: Wow, I never imagined I would see a filament OD Green. This filament takes me back to my Army days. If this prints nicely, I have a couple of possible projects in mind that could utilize a full roll.

Hopefully, I can get these samples to print nicely. I like the thought of buying recycled PETG.

Alien3D November 2020 UFO filament samples from GreenGate3D.

Novembers project

Alien3D November 2020 project components.

I wasn’t sure what this month’s project was at first. As you can see in the picture below, this project includes two servos. It wasn’t until I saw the little metal balls that I had an idea of the project’s purpose.

After checking the Alien3D site, I was able to confirm what the project is. This month the Alien3D project is the cool 3D printed maze I’ve seen many times on Thingiverse. This print has been on my list of possible projects for quite a few months. It will be nice to make it. Servo projects are always fun!

There was one little snafu with this month’s project. The project went out with a Bluetooth interface board without any Bluetooth module attached to it. So the project won’t be able to be completed via Bluetooth. That is no big deal. Josh over at Alien3D reacted quickly and now has instructions on how to control the maze via a PC using a Processing app. I’ve heard of the Processing Foundation before, but I hadn’t dug too deeply. Maybe I’ll look more deeply at them while doing this project.

Final Thoughts

Once again, I would call this a solid subscription box. After completing my test prints and project, I will post the results on this blog. I tip my hat to Josh over at Alien3D. Not only do I like supporting fellow veterans. But I like to see how a business owner reacts when things go wrong (and they always will). His reaction and solution to the Bluetooth module issue were both appropriate and commendable.

Song of the Day: Veteran Suicide Awareness

Suicide is a massive issue for veterans. This song by Dan Johnson helps bring awareness to the problem. If any veterans out there need to speak with someone, please don’t hesitate to contact me or anyone. There are hotlines out there as well. Actually, that goes for anyone, not just veterans. Many people are willing to help you!

Here is Hemingway from Dan Johnson.

Bonus Song: Still a Soldier

I’ve been out for 24 years, and I’m still a soldier.


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