Results from the November Alien3d samples of GreenGate3D PETG

Earlier this week, I noted receiving my November UFO subscription box from Alien3D. This month had all four samples coming from GreenGate3D in patriotic colors to coincide with Veterans Day. This post will show some of what I printed out with the samples and rate how well I like the filament.

The Filament

All four samples are recycled PETG from GreenGate3D. The colors include American Red, American White, OD Green, and Prime Time Slime. They have a recommended temp of 205-245. My temp tower for these looked the best at about 240. I used my Ender 5 Plus with a Micro Swill all-metal hot-end for the prints.

Alien3D November 2020 UFO filament samples from GreenGate3D.

The prints

Below is a picture of some of the prints I did (a few small prints are not pictured because they are part of Christmas presents). Overall this stuff printed quite nicely. I did have quite a bit of stringing on the temp towers that I couldn’t get rid of, but those strings didn’t translate over to my other prints.

Prints from the Alien3d November 2020 UFO subscription box.

Here is a list of the prints in the picture above. I’ve also included links to the Thingiverse files to give full credit to the model authors.

  • Maze Thing 1451703 by blic. The Arduino controlled maze is the project in this month’s UFO. I chose to print the maze parts using the GreenGate3D samples. I think the red and white combination looks sharp together. I initially printed the gimbal centers in white, but I reprinted them in OD green and like that looks much better. I did keep my white gimbal centers for another project I have in mind. I also printed a couple of extra wire keepers in white because I like how they turned out.
  • Alien3D logoThing 3102598 by alieneila. I figured the Prime Time Slime color would be perfect for printing the Alien3d logo. I printed it at 75% size.
  • Slimer BuddhaThing 1935792 by SavageRodent. There was no way I would have a sample of a slime colored filament without printing a Slimer. I love how the Slimer Buddha turned out printing with this filament. I do have it resized down to 70%.
  • Boss Guitar Pedal HolderThing 2365655 by n24re. I have a kid who is really into guitars. I’m building a second pedalboard for him and thought it would be cool to use OD green for one pedal holders.
  • Joystick CaseThing 1162200 by Th3oRy. One of the things I plan to do with the maze is to control it with a joystick. I was going to try designing a case for a cheap Arduino joystick sensor. But luckily, I found this case on Thingiverse already created with the specifications I wanted. I love how it looks in OD Green. I also printed this in white (also in the picture), but, generally, I wouldn’t say I like white cases and decided to reprint it in OD Green.
  • Arduino Micro HolderThing 4636460 by imaicom. I didn’t need one of these right now. But I wanted to see what it would look like in OD green. This was the only piece I had some extra stringing. Not bad, but for some reason, this particular STL brought them out.
  • Buck Converter CaseThing 4645621 by dr-snow. I’ve been using buck converters in a lot of projects lately. So I thought I would use the OD Green sample to see how well I liked the design. I like both the design and its look in OD Green.

Final thoughts

I like the thought of using recycled PETG, so I was hoping this filament from GreenGate3D would work out well for me. Because this is recycled PETG, I will admit my expectations were low. I am happy to say that lowering my expectations was the wrong move. This filament holds up in both quality and ease of print compared to other PETG manufacturers I’ve tried. Currently, I do not require any more PETG, but when it is time to order again, I will definitely keep GreenGate3D in mind. No matter what, I may order a roll of OD Green soon. I have possible plans of making a Zoom control panel that looks like a PRC-77 panel. The OD Green from GreenGate3D would be perfect for that.

Song of the Day: Surfing With The Alien

There is no way I can print out an alien without playing this classic Joe Satriani track!

Bonus Song: Magic Dance

The maze brings Labyrinth to mind. Here is David Bowie singing Magic Dance in that awesome movie.

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