Reducing the LED lighting

Two days ago, I posted about putting the LEDs in my enclosure. During the last couple of days, I have been working on the 3D printer and have found that it was way too bright. I knew that ahead of time but figured the coolness factor would make it worth putting up with the brightness. I was wrong! There was so much light in the enclosure that I found it difficult to look inside the chamber long enough to maintain the printer.

If you recall from the previous post, I ran the LED strips in three different legs. These are shown in the drawing to the right. I ended up disconnecting the legs show in green and blue on the picture. That leaves just three enclosure poles with green LEDs mounted.

This is sufficient lighting. I might change to which enclosure poles the light strips are mounted. But for now, I’m still getting a cool green light reflecting throughout the enclosure.

More importantly, I can look in the enclosure now. Plus, my Pi cam seems to like the lower light much better. Here is an example of what the green light looks like through the Pi cam.

Pi cam is getting good quality with the green light.

As I continue my series of posts about enclosing the Ender 3 V2, I will be removing the LED strips that I just disconnected. Plus, I will be getting rid of the terminal block and directly hooking the LED strip into a buck converter. I will also be using a standard LM2596 buck converter instead of one meant for higher amp use. With the current setup, the LED’s are drawing about 1.2 Amps from the power supply.

I’m not surprised I had to remove most of the LEDs. As I said, I knew this was technically too many LEDs for such a small space. But now I have green LEDs I can use in another project!

Song of the Day: She Blinded Me With Science

My printer must be a she because she definitely blinded me…

Bonus Song: Blinded by the Light

How I can talk about being blinded by the light without playing the Manfred Mann’s Earth Band great cover of this Bruce Springsteen song.

But mama… that’s where the fun is!


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