The direction of the 3DElectronic blog

Some of the blog followers have noticed there have not been any posts in almost two months. And on top of that, the name of the blog has changed from 3DArduinoGeek to 3DElectronic. This post will explain all of that. Spoiler alert: these are good changes for anyone looking for maker content!

Why the rename and lack of posts lately?

There have not been any posts lately for two reasons. First, I work at my wife’s tax office this time of year. As you can likely imagine, that means I am working very long hours. When working 14-16 hours a day for seven days a week, there isn’t much time for fun. Now that the farmer deadline has passed, I now have a lot more time once again.

But tax season isn’t the only reason I haven’t been posting blog posts. In the background, I have been working with some possible future blog sponsors about future builds. Doing electronic projects can get expensive, especially with large robotics projects. To offset those costs, I have been looking at ways to get quality build content published without completely draining my bank account.

Future posts planned

In the future, there will be posts revolving around 3D printing and electronic projects being published. Each week, I will highlight at least one project combining the world of 3D printing and electronics. I want to do tasks involving sensors that come in one of the many “37” kits. Many of us have breadboarded and used these sensors as proof of concept projects. I want to take that to the next level and create devices with these sensors (even if they have no practical purpose).

Additionally, I will continue sharing the content of various subscription boxes. Currently, my favorite subscription boxes come from Alien3DAdafruitHackerBox, and CyberCityCircuits. I am behind a couple of months posting about these subscriptions. Over the next few weeks, I will catch up with the boxes.

Printing out the pieces for a droid build. Can anyone guess what droid it is?

I am also currently working on three different droid builds (well, maybe four, long story) and two proton packs. I will be publishing the steps I make in building these projects.

I will also continue to do posts focused on 3D printing and 3D printers. I have added a resin printer to my arsenal, which I will post about soon. One of the most common requests I get from blog followers is my experience with various brands and filament types. I will share my hands-on experience using different filaments as I use them. These will be less review and more just practical experience sharing.

Plus, I have recently purchased a PCB mill. I am looking forward to creating custom PCBs without having to do any hand etching. Combining custom PCBs and 3D printing is just an exciting prospect!

Let me know if there is any content you want

I have a lot of posts planned this year. But if there any make you would like me to highlight, please let me know. I love learning new skills and don’t mind sharing my experiences on this blog.

Thank you for supporting this blog, and I look forward to sharing what I think will be some excellent content.

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