MakerBox Everything Jan 2021 print results

MakerBox Jan 2021 unboxed.

I’m slowly getting caught up on blogging. And I am trying to make sure I get caught up on my results from the MakerBox Everything subscription. This is the most requested feature on my blog. I printed all of these samples back in January, but I didn’t realize so many people were waiting to post about it until I read my email.

The MakerBox Everything consists of the MakerBox easy prints. These are four easy to print filaments from the same manufacturer. The box also contains four MakerBox Explorer filaments. The explorer filament typically has filaments the ordinary 3d printing hobbyist might not purchase. Sometimes the explorer selection can have filament types that come from odd sources.

MakerBox Easy Prints

The MakerBox Easy filament samples for January came from Printed Solid. Specifically, the pieces are from Printed Solid’s Jessie PLA line. I’ve printed using the Jessie PLA previously and have always liked how easy it prints. Plus, the crew at Printed Solid has come up with pretty cool colors. The colors in this box were: Soul Black Glitter, Green Slime Glitter, 3DPN Vanilla Bean, and Brad’s Orange Glitter.

I printed temp towers for each of the fllaments. The recomended range was from 200C to 240C. Based upon my temp towers I chose to do sample prints at 210C. I kept the bed temp at 60C.

Jessie PLA Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean Jessie PLA

I printed the Vanilla Bean filament on my Ender 3 Pro. The temp tower printed quite nicely. I did get quite a bit of stringing towards the top of my tower. But since I printed well at 210, I didn’t do any further testing to bring stringing down.

The model I printed was a Chucky Buddha, Thing 4626468 by ToaKamate. This model printed reasonably nicely. There is some work to do on the face. But that has to do with the supports. The filament itself had no problem printing. This particular filament’s selling point is the cool look from the “dots” in the filament. This would be an excellent color to use for printing Easter Eggs (that holiday is coming up!).

Jessie PLA Brad’s Orange Glitter

Orange Glitter Jessie PLA

I also used the Ender 3 Pro for printing Brad’s Orange Glitter filament. You can see an incomplete temp tower in the picture. The filament did not cause that. Instead, I tried to do some maintenance on the printer next to this one, and I accidentally pulled on the filament going into the extruder. That didn’t work out so well, by the way. But up until then, the filament was printing nicely. But just as with the previous color, I noticed stringing start to happen when I got above 210. Since 210 works for me as a temp, I didn’t bother trying to figure out the stringing.

The model I printed was the Happy Emoji Buddha, Thing 4647504 by ToaKamate. At the bottom of Buddha’s belly, I thought there was some layer shift. But I used a different filament to print this same model later, and I had the same line in the same place. I’m thinking it has something to do with CURA being weird. Otherwise, I like how this model printed. This picture doesn’t do the sparkly nature of the filament justice. There are some pieces of support left in the mouth. I decided to keep them in as it makes him look sort of creepy in the shadows where I’m keeping him.

Jessie PLA Green Slime Glitter

Green Slime Glitter Jessie PLA

Once again, I used the Ender 3 Pro to print samples of the Green Slime Glitter Jessie PLA. This particular color didn’t string as much as the two previous colors. There are slight bridging issues on one layer in the temp tower and a little bit of stringing on the top level. Other than that, I would say this stuff printed beautifully.

The model used to test this sample was Gollum Buddha, Thing 3612339 by ToaKamate. Once again, I love how easily this stuff prints. The only problem was some slight stringing by the supports. It cleaned up nicely enough, but I thought I would show the pre-cleaned picture. I think I used Simplify3D to slice this model. In fact, I’m sure I did now that I notice the support piece left at the bottom of the model.

Jessie PLA Soul Black Glitter

Soul Black Glitter Jessie PLA

The Soul Black Glitter filament was my favorite of the lot. I did not experience stringing in the tower as I had with the other colors (even if it was very little stringing with those). Plus, the color looks great when the light hits it just right. I wish I currently had a better camera set up to show just how incredible this filament is.

The model I chose was Undead Pharoh Buddha, Thing 3612538 by ToaKamate. I sliced this using Simplify3D. Oddly when sliced, there was a massive hole in the model’s front, between the head and the body. I later resliced this using CURA and did not have this happen. But, despite the massive hole in the body, I love how this test went. The filament laid down very well. But most importantly, the black glitter look is impressive. I’m thinking of doing a xenomorph with this particular filament.

Final thoughts on Jessie PLA

I love to print things with Jessie PLA. Most of the problems above have to do with model and slicer issues. The filament itself prints quite nicely. I suppose I could use a known good benchy model to test print. That would probably give better results. But what fun would that be!

MakerBox Explorer Prints

I have to admit I wasn’t as excited about the January 21 Explorer filaments as I was with previous boxes. This gave me a chance to try some new filament types, so I still had some excitement. All of these samples were printed utilizing my Ender 3 V2 with the direct drive setup.

Matte PLA – Matcha Green

Matte PLA – Matcha Green

Up first for the explorer group was Matcha Green Matte PLA from NHH. The temp tower for this particular filament printed quite nicely. Towards the top of the tower, I noticed it almost had signs of under-extrusion. But not too badly. Plus, there was no stringing. This color would be nice to print replicas of old Army communications equipment.

The model I tested this filament with was Skull Buddha, Thing 1957786 by Kattsylt. I printed the model with a hotend temp of 215C and a bed temp of 60C. The model printed quite nicely. If you notice, I forgot to support the model, so the chin has some issues. Plus, I miscalculated what scale I could print this at, so I ran out of filament towards the skull’s top. But overall, what did print, printed very nicely. Plus, this filament had a unique texture to it.

Enhanced PLA – Black

Black Enhanced PLA from PLAS3D

Next is a sample of Black Enhanced PLA from PLAS3D. This is a filament that is supposed to print as easily as PLA but with more robust mechanical properties. The temp tower printed the whole way very nicely through. I have to admit this stuff did print just as easily as standard PLA.

The model I chose to print for this sample was Howling Werewolf Buddha, Thing 4629299 by ToaKamate. This stuff printed the model great. In the picture, I left the supports connected. The fingers are fragile, and I wanted to show the model before I took a chance at breaking fingers. This filament printed so nicely that you really can’t see the layer lines unless you get very close to it. I’m not sure about the extra mechanical properties, as I didn’t test for that. But I will say the filament prints as easily as standard PLA. Perhaps I’ll get a larger sample and do an actual print that would test the mechanical properties in the future.

LW-ASA – Natural

LW-ASA – Natural

This interesting filament from ColorFabb increases its volume after being printed. The first two temp towers I tried became little more than popcorn balls. The foaming got entirely out of control. On my third attempt, I was able to get a tower that actually stayed together. Then on my fourth attempt, I finally got a halfway decent tower. What I found worked best was a hotend temp of 240C, a bed temp of 100C, a speed of 40mms, and retraction turned off.

The model I used was a US Army Logo that I downloaded a long time ago. I think it may be Thing 477384 by nathanjohnson, but I’m not entirely sure. It printed pretty nicely. There is some stringing that can be seen. But that cleaned up quite well. I’m not sure if I’ll ever need to use LW-ASA, but at least I know I can print it if I want to. Just a little bit of time will need to be taken to determine the best slicer settings.

PPJet – Natural

I saved this filament from FilamentPM for last. PPJet is apparently customarily used for things such as Packing Tape. It is very, very, very, flexible. Holy cow. Did I mention it is very flexible? I hate to say it, but I never got a good print out of this filament. It kept bunching up in the extruder. I tried adjusting the extruder tension, but after a while, I kind of gave up. Too bad, I thought it would be interesting to try printing with this stuff. I saved the rest of the sample to use with my 3D pen. I think it has some extraordinary possibilities to use with that. If I find some uses for it with the 3D pen, I’ll post the results here.

Final thoughts on MakerBox Explorer

Once again, this was an excellent selection of filaments to try something new out. I don’t even mind that I had problems printing a couple of the filaments. Actually, I’m glad to learn on samples like this what I can and can’t easily print.

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