Soldering the Cyber City Circuits Bleep Bug

I’m kind of getting caught up with my subscription boxes. It is only a few days into April, and I was finally able to open and assemble the March 2021 subscription box from Cyber City Circuits. This month is a fun little soldering project which they call a Bleep Bug. This little device will put out a small yet distinct tone every couple of minutes or so. Basically, this thing can drive people crazy trying to figure out what that beep it. I can see having fun with this camping this summer…

The Bleep Bug kit

Bleep Bug Kit from Cyber City Circuits.

The kit was designed by maker @SignalSkew and put together by Cyber City Circuits. This is an excellent little kit for anyone looking to learn or enhance their soldering skills. Soldering is often intimidating for newer makers in the electronics fields. Kits like these are great for gaining soldering experience. Plus, there is the bonus of the soldering kit functioning. 

Cyber City Circuits have posted a tutorial and video for the Bleep Bug kit. I would suggest any less experienced users watch the video. The crew at Cyber City Circuits seems to focus on educating new makers. Each video will highlight a key electronics concept. More importantly, they will do so without throwing an overwhelming amount of information towards the audience.

Plus, this kit features a 555 timer (well, 556 timer). I still remember electronics class in High School and having an instructor that had us doing tons of projects revolving around the 555 timer chip. Good times!

Since the crew at Cyber City Circuits does such an excellent job with documentation, I won’t bother outlining the steps to solder this kit. Here is the finished board after soldering is complete:

Bleep Bug Soldered

I am sharing the photo above so newer makers can see my soldering isn’t perfect. Actually, I am nowhere near as consistent as I want to be. But I figure if my old shaky hands can solder good enough for kits like this, it shows others that they should have no fear of soldering.

3D printed case

As always, I tend to find small projects to get more Fusion360 experience. This project was no exception. I modeled and printed a small case to mount the Bleep Bug. The stl for this case can be found on Real Orange PLA from 3D Solutech was used to print the case.

Bleep Bug Case.

Four M3x6 screws were used to fasten the board to the case. I believe M3x4 screws probably could be used as well.

Completed Bleep Bug Kit.

Video of the Bleep Bug

Here is a short video of the Bleep Bug in action. The first beep was just under two minutes after turning on the Bleep Bug.

Bleep Bug Demo video.

That tiny beep can really drive a person crazy when they don’t know where it’s coming from. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of kit Cyber City Circuits will have this month.

Bonus Print

This is a fun little print I recently completed. This is Grogu Meditating. The STL was created by Geoff Wicks at his Hex3D Patreon page. This is my absolutely favorite place to get geeky/cool STL’s. The main body was printed using Silk Coffee Gold from Mika3D. The head and hands were printed using Silk Lime Green from Mika3D. The stone was printed using Translucent Blue PETG from Novamaker. The base was supposed to have lights in it. But I forgot to adjust my print settings, and no light will shine through. I still think it turned out pretty good and chose not to reprint the stone base.

Grogu Meditating.

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  1. Hi Ken! I’m Chris (@SignalSkew), the designer of the Bleep Bug. I just came across your blog post and wanted to thank you for the very nice write-up on my kit! Designing this device was a fun project, and it makes me very happy to see folks enjoying it as much as I do. I’m also excited to try out your enclosure! I too am teaching myself 3D modeling by taking on small projects, and I’m delighted that you’ve chosen to make and share this design. Thanks again!

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