Print results from Feb 2021 Alien3D UFO sub box

February of this year brought another nice selection of sample filaments from Alien3D in its subscription UFO box. As always, the box contains four samples of easy to print filaments from various manufactures. Plus, there is an electronics project and 3d printing accessory included. Since I am still working on the project, this post will not speak much about that. Alien3D’s reveal for the February box can be found on their website.

UFO contents

Contents of the February 2021 Alien3D UFO subscription box.

The February box included four PLA or PLA+ samples. Further down in this post, I will look at each of these filaments.

The project for February is a cool sand clock. The clock gear housing can be seen in the picture to the left. I am currently getting the last of this printed. When I have that printed and procured some sand, I will do a post showing that project. I am thrilled with how it is looking so far.

The 3D printing tool for this month is a handy little 1/4 in. drive Finger Ratchet. I have one just like it that I keep by a couple of my printers to make nozzle replacement easier. Now I’ll have one by my printers on the other side of the room.

Finally, there were some nice Valentine’s Day treats included with the box. Chocolate really seems to help when going through subscription boxes.

Now for a look at the filament samples.

IIID Max – Fluorescent Green PLA+

IIID Max Fluorescent Green PLA+.

3D Filaments USA provided a sample of Fluorescent Green PLA+ from IIID Max. I’m sure anyone that has Facebook and gets ads about filament has seen the ads for IIID Max. They advertise 10 packs for fairly reasonable prices.

The sample provided is Fluorescent Green PLA+. The recommended hotend temp is 180C-220C, with a bed temp of 40C-60C. I printed my temp tower at 195C-215C on my Ender 3 Pro. It printed the whole way nicely through.

As a test print, I chose to print a snowflake light holder by MakeALot on Thingiverse. I printed my test at 205C with a bed temp of 60C. The tea light holder printed very nicely. There was some slight stringing on the top and the inside of the print. But it easily rubbed off with no effort.

Here is the print with an LED tea light inside of it. The yellow from the tea light overcame the green in the filament. But it creates a very cool lighting effect.

3D Fuel – Bubblegum Pink PLA

Bubblegum Pink PLA from 3D-Fuel.

3D-Fuel provided a sample of their Bubblegum Pink PLA. I printed a sample of this sometime last year in a Makerbox. Just as it did then, this stuff printed quite nicely.

The recommended hotend temp was 190C-220C, with a bed temp of 0-60C. The print speed is recommended between 40mms-100mms. I printed the temp tower from 200C-220C on my Ender 3 V2. It printed nicely from bottom to top.

As a test print, I chose to print a pink Black Panther. This was a remix on Thingiverse from jppowers. That printed quite nicely. The model used had sort of a wood-carved look to it, which was apparent when looking closely at the print.

I also chose to print a Wanda Deluxe Tiara from Hex3D. I only had a little filament at this point, and it was scaled down to about 40%, I believe. It printed pretty nicely, except where it came apart. I had it scaled down too far for some of the detail between pieces of the Tiara to stay together.

MatterHackers – Gold MG Build Series PLA

Gold MH Build Series PLA from MatterHackers

MatterHackers provided a sample of their Gold MH Build Series PLA. The hotend temp recommended for this filament was 190C-220C, with a bed temp from 0C-60C. I printed my temp tower from 200C-220C on my Ender 3 V2. It printed very nicely the whole way through. Actually, I love the deepness of this particular gold.

As a test, I chose to print a C-3P0 tiki designed by Hex3D. I scaled it down to 42 and printed it at .12mm quality. The deepness of this gold turned out to be the perfect filament for this print. Finding a good gold that isn’t overly shiny can sometimes be hard. I will definitely keep this particular filament in mind.

I also printed a piece for this month’s project. The arm printed nicely.

Toolots -Red Veeology Red PLA

Veeology Red PLA

Toolots provided a sample of Veeology Red PLA. This filament has a recommended hotend range of 190C-200C, with a bed temp of 50C-60C. The print speed is recommended to be from 30mms-60mms. I printed my temp tower from 185C-205C on my Ender 3 Pro. The temp tower printed all the way very nicely through.

To test this filament, I printed two Wanda Tiara’s designed by Hex3D. They were both printed with a hotend temp of 195C and quality of .12mm. Both of them printed beautifully. One of the Tiaras did have some slight stringing where it points down towards the nose. But that was very minimal and came off easily.

I also printed another arm for this month’s project using the little bit of filament sample I had left. It printed great.

Final Thoughts

This month had some pretty good filaments. I didn’t have any problems with any of them. The Gold from MatterHackers definitely struck me as being worth remembering. The deepness of that particular color would make it perfect for gold prints that I don’t want shiny.

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