The official launch of 3DElectronic in August

New print farm being setup

The last couple of months have been an exciting time for 3D Electronic. To keep up with the demand for new blog posts, prints for sale, and an upcoming podcast, I am pleased to announce 3D Electronics will become a full-time venture. Over the last month, a new shop has been built and new equipment put into place. This post will highlight what this means for 3D Electronic.

More blog posts

Now that 3D Electronic is a full-time venture, that means more blog posts can be done per week. In particular, this means more posts about 3D printer and 3D printing techniques. Additionally, there will be more posts about adding electronics to 3D print projects.

Each week there will also be a sensor of the week. During that week there will be posts about using a certain type of sensor on various micro-controllers. The week will then finish off with a usable project and 3D printed case to go with that project.

Additionally, there will be more posts about setting up various 3D printers and doing maintenance on them. In particular, there is a lot of demand for posts about modifying 3D printers with 3D prints.

New maker podcast

Two new podcasts will be starting in August or September. One of these podcasts will focus on the maker space. The podcast will discuss topics around 3D printing, microcontrollers, painting, and any other interesting areas of making. My in-house painter, Ashton, will be joining me on this podcast and we already have some good guests lined up.

The other podcast has to do with cancer, I may bring some attention to it on this site, but really has nothing to do with 3D Electronic.

New painting YouTube channel

Speaking of my in-house painter Ashton… Next month Ashton will be starting a YouTube channel where he shows the techniques he is learning to paint 3D prints. Over the last couple of months, I have been tasked with learning and creating techniques for painting PLA, PETG, and resin prints. He has learned some great techniques that I think the community would enjoy.

Store to purchase 3D prints

Over the last half a year the demand for my prints has gone through the roof. To accommodate this I have expanded my print farm and will be offering more prints for sale. We will also be attending conventions and selling our products directly.

And much much more!

There is much more planned. But I will wait to blog about more features coming to this site until their implementations get closer. All I can say is that I think we have a lot to offer the maker community and we are looking forward to contributing more.

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  1. Awesome to see a blogger turning their passion into a full time gig! All the very best with your endeavours and hope it works out as you hope

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