Filament Spotlight: FilamentOne PLA Pro Select Glint Red

In the future, I plan to do posts about various filaments I use. These planned posts will include both good and bad experiences. In this case, I will focus on a filament that has created some great prints. The filament is Glint Red PLA from FilamentOne.

FilamentOne PLA Pro Select Glint series

I’ve been using FilamentOne filament for over a year now as part of their PROFI subscription box. I always get excellent filament from this company. But their PLA Pro Select Glint series is by far my favorite. There are specks of some glitterish substance included in the filament. The upside to this additive is that it gives prints a cool metallic look. Further, layer lines all but disappear when using this filament.

The picture below shows two prints I just completed using this filament. On the left is a Dark Maul bust and on the right is a Juggernaut bust. Hex3D masterfully designed both. Both prints look spectacular. Originally I planned on painting some details on the Dark Maul bust. But due to the sparkling effect, I think I will leave the bust single-colored.

Glint Red prints of Hex3D designs.

How well does the filament print?

On a technical side, both items were printed at a hotend temp of 215C and bed temp of 60C. The recommended temp range is 205C-225C. I have found staying right in the middle of that range gives me the best results.

I have printed filaments from other manufacturers that have a glitter-like additive. Unfortunately, some of those tend to tear up nozzles. The glint series from FilamentOne, however, does not appear to tear up the nozzle. Plus, it flows very smoothly and doesn’t seem to have any extrusion issues.

Video of the filament in action

Here is a short clip of the Glint Red PLA printing on an Ender 3V2. The print is a mug from Hex3D. I love how this particular print is turning out!

Final Verdict

I think it is pretty obvious I like this filament. After all, I started the post stating I’ve gotten good prints out of the FilamentOne Glint PLA series. Soon I plan to print some Christmas-themed designs. For many of those, I will choose to use Glint Red and Glint Green. The ability to produce a great print without worrying about sanding/painting is why I find this particular filament series almost perfect.

Song of the Day: Red

Writing this song brought the Red Rocker (Sammy Hagar) to mind.

Bonus Song: I Can’t Drive 55

As a bonus, here is another song. This video is an excellent example of early 80’s music videos.

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