Filament Spotlight: Purple Reign from GreenGate3D

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About six months ago, I ordered a bunch of GreenGate3D PETG. I decided to go with GreenGate3D based upon my experience printing it from the November 2020 Alien3d subscription box. Over the last couple of months, I’ve slowly been trying out various colors. Today’s filament spotlight is one that I feel deserves the spotlight: Purple Reign.

GreenGate3D PETG

As I mentioned above, I ordered some filament from GreenGate3D based on samples I printed out. GreenGate3D has some great color choices, which are always excellent. But more critically, GreenGate3D uses recycled PETG for its filaments. Recently I decided only to use recycled PETG. Part of that decision was based on my experience with GreenGate3D. If recycled PETG both prints and looks good, why would I choose non-recycled PETG? Of course, GreenGate3D is not the only player in the recycled PETG market, but their color offerings make them a favorite of mine.

The particular GreenGate3D filament being spotlighted in this post is Purple Reign. This stuff has a beautiful color. The color is perfect for the natural shine that comes with PETG. Plus, when printed thin, it works excellent for lithophane prints. I mention that because I plan to make a Geiger-inspired lamp sometime soon, and I’ll probably use this filament for the lampshade.

A look at the prints.

Below is a picture of four prints that all utilize Purple Reign. These are all models designed by Hex3D. The prints include a fantasy mug, a Beerus bust, an Ebony Maw bust, and a Deluxe Crystal Skull. All four prints turned out phenomenally. I wish I had a better macro lens to show off just how great these prints are.

Purple Reign prints.

Of the above points, the Deluxe Crystal Skull is my favorite. I printed two of them. One is for sale at an upcoming con, and one is for me to keep. Due to my limited room, it takes something pretty special to decide to keep a print.

I printed all of the models with a hotend temp of 240C and a bed temp of 80C. Additionally, I had printed a temp tower from 225C-245C. The tower was perfect the whole way through. I chose 240C because that seems to be my sweet spot for PETG prints. I printed this filament with my enclosed Ender 3V2 with a MicroSwiss all-metal hotend and direct drive.

Final Verdict

I don’t think it would be a surprise that I love this filament. This filament may cost a little more than some more well-known PETG manufacturers’ products. But the look of this filament is just too cool to pass up. After printing, I have a product ready to be sold (or kept by me) with little or no post-processing. Trying to get as cool of a look from paint would be difficult.

Song of the Day: Purple Rain

Yep, was there really any other choice to go with this filament? This is a great live version from Prince and the Revolution.

Bonus Song: Morris Day and The Time

I can’t think Purple Rain without thinking Morris Day. Here is a great video from a few years ago featuring Morris Day and The Time with Bruno Mars.

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