Test prints from the June 2021 Makerbox Everything

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Makerbox Everything June 2021

I’m getting closer to getting caught up on subscription boxes now that my new shop is fully functional (this took a while longer than expected). This post will focus on my print results from the June 2021 Makerbox Everything subscription box. Technically these were all printed two months ago, but I just got my shop organized and into shape, to a point I could get some blogging done. As always, this particular box includes four easy-to-print filaments (Makerbox Easy) and four more exciting filaments (Makerbox Explorer).

Makerbox Easy Prints

CookieCAD PLA samples.

CookieCAD provided the filament for June’s Makerbox Easy samples. CookieCAD has some nice retro-looking colors. The recommended temps seem above what is generally suggested for PLA, but I’ve noticed this trend with specialty PLA filaments lately. Plus, CookieCAD happened to be the MakerBox Easy provider back in February, and it printed pretty nicely.

Four very cool colors are included in this sample pack (luckily different colors from the last time): Orange Sorbet, Candy Apple Red, Pale Pink, and Pale Blue Dot. I love the retro-style colors that CookieCAD puts out.

The recommended print settings for this filament are:

  • Hotend Temp: 215-235C
  • Bed Temp: 0-60C
  • Speed: 20-70mm/s
  • Cooling: 100%

I printed all four temp towers between 215C – 235C in 5-degree increments. Next, I set the bed temp to 60C. These were all printed either on an Ender 3 V2 with stock hotends. All four filament samples printed great. Below is a look at the test prints.

With Halloween coming up (at the time of printing), I thought the Orange Sorbet filament would be perfect for a Jack-O-Lantern. The print below was designed by Abdullah Al-Dar and is available on MyMiniFactory. The temp tower printed quite nicely the whole way through. The pumpkin and two little pumpkins printed perfectly (I did mess up and print with tree supports, which was unnecessary, and of course, they printed inside the pumpkin). There was some stringing between the dynamite fuses. But at the time I printed this, I hadn’t quite dialed this brand-new printer yet, so I don’t believe it was filament-related.

Orange Sorbet

Candy Apple Red was the next filament I tried on an Ender 3 V2. The print tower turned out quite nicely, even if there was an odd behavior with the middle bridge. I printed two sizes of angry little ghosts designed by Abdullah Al-Dar and available on MyMiniFactory. Both turned out quite nicely. This CookieCAD filament does print with ease.

Candy Apple Red

Coming up with something cool to print using Pale Pink was a little more complicated. I ended up printing a winged Pegasus from Chaos Core Tech. Once again, the temp tower and test prints all came out great. There was some slight stringing between the tree supports I used and the wings. But that was relatively minimal and most likely not due to the filament.

Pale Pink

Up last from CookieCAD was a sample of Pale Blue Dot PLA. I decided to go with a sunken treasure STL from Chaos Core Tech. The tower and prints came out beautifully. I really like this particular shade of blue. It would be perfect for some retro robot prints I am contemplating designing.

Pale Blue Dot

Overall I was once again quite happy with my results from printing CookieCAD PLA. I think my favorite part of these samples is the excellent retro feel these colors have.

Makerbox Explorer Prints

Makerbox Explorer samples.

Included in each Makerbox are the Explorer filament samples. These are the prints I usually anticipate. Explorer samples are where I can try out various filament types from a variety of manufacturers. It is much better to find out if a particular filament is worth printing before buying a whole spool.

For some reason, I had five filament samples for explorer this month. But in the box for a later month, I have only three filament samples. The chaos my new shop has been in may have caused an issue. So for this post, I will only be printing four of the samples. A sample of Chinchilla from NinjaTek is not included because I have it set aside to use for a future project.

All of the models below are printed at a layer height of .16mm unless otherwise stated.

Froggy Gold PETG from Filament PM

Up first is Froggy Gold PETG from FilamentPM. I’m not a fan of most green filaments, but this particular shade of green is quite lovely. I used an enclosed Ender 3 V2 with a MicroSwiss all-metal hotend to print this filament. My Ender printed the temp tower in a range from 225-245C and a bed temp of 80C. Unfortunately, I ended up printing the temp tower twice because I had my bridging fan settings wrong for the temp tower. A definite difference can be seen in the pic below. After I fixed the fan settings, I found this particular sample of PETG seemed to print best at around 245C, which was at the high end of what was recommended.

Froggy Gold PETG from Filament PM

The test model is an Anubis short bust from Chaos Core Tech. The filament printed quite nicely. There was some stringing here and there, especially between the supports and model. But this is not unusual with PETG, and playing with the slice settings could quickly work it out. Overall I thought this filament printed nicely. Most important, the PETG held up fine when I (accidentally) dropped this model on the floor.

Banana Yellow PLA+ from Filament PM

Up next is another filament sample from Filament PM. This time it is a Banana Yellow sample of PLA+. Most of the filament I buy nowadays is PLA+ or its equivalent from various manufacturers. Most companies selling PLA+ have found ways to make PLA more rugged and easier to print. Filament PM is no exception to that rule.

I chose to print this sample with an Ender 3V2. I printed the temp tower from 190-210C. The temp tower printed nicely, but I found the bridging seemed to be best towards the top of the tower.

The sample prints were curse voodoo dolls designed by Chaos Core Tech. After printing the main file, I printed a few more at 50% scale.

Banana Yellow PLA+ from Filament PM

The samples all printed quite nicely. The stitches in this particular model popped quite well. I really like this shade of yellow. Not to bring up another company, but this shade of yellow seems to fit in quite nicely with the CookieCAD color collection.

Green PLA-PP from TerraFilum

The third sample for this month is Green PLA-PP from TerraFilum. This PLA composite is more flexible than standard PLA. Theoretically, it should be much tougher than ordinary PLA while still being easy to print.

I printed a temp tower in a range of 195-205C. It printed great the whole way through. I then threw the temp tower at the wall couple of times. The tower did not shatter apart. That might not have been the most scientific test, but it was fun and showed a pretty tough filament.

The model below is a Professor Hulk bust designed by Hex3D. I printed it at a temp of 205C. The model printed beautifully. The professor’s glasses got primarily ruined because I wasn’t patient taking the supports off.

Green PLA-PP from TerraFilum

This is a possible filament to keep in mind for some future RC projects.

Gold Rush Elixir from Polyalchemy

Finally, I printed Gold Rush Elixir from Polyalchemy. I’ve printed some Elixer PLA in the past and been quite impressed. This particular PLA blend has a more radiant shine than most of the silk PLAs on the market.

I printed the temp tower in a range from 200-220C. This was done on an Ender 3 V2 at a bed temp of 60C. The best bridging was right in the middle at 210C.

I chose to print a C3P0 Tiki designed by Hex3D. It was printed at 45% and 20%.

I love how this model printed out. I would consider getting a whole roll of this filament to do this actual tiki at full scale.

Final Verdict

I don’t think I have a favorite filament this time. I will give CookieCAD a possible win just due to their cool retro colors. Maybe in the explorer category, Polyalchemy won for the excellent shimmer radiating from the Elixir PLA. But really, they were all cool filaments worth using in future projects.

Song of the Day: Yankee Rose

OK, this might seem like an odd choice for song of the day. But when I saw how bright the Elixir filament shined, I immediately though of this song by David Lee Roth (plus I’m a Steve Vai fan). Gimme your bright light…

Bonus Song: Damn Good

Since I’m on David Lee Roth for the song of the day, I’ll add this great track I often listen to when I’m having a good day.

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