Video demo of the Alien3D light project

Alien3D Lamp.

Earlier this month, I blogged about my print results of the filaments included in the June 2021 Alien3D UFO subscription box. The project included is a WiFi-controlled RGB lamp. I had planned to do a post showing the build process. But thanks to a corrupt SD card, none of my pictures are available to post. Oh well, that’s how technology goes.

Well anyway. Below is a video showing off the completed project. I am using the WLED app on my android phone to control the lamp.

I didn’t make any alterations to this project. I used the files provided by Alien3D and instructions created by Nikolaos Batetas. I did use the battery pack supplied with the kit. Like Alien3D, I was not too fond of the idea of soldering directly to the battery.

Overall this was a fun project. My wife loves how the light looks in our living room. Now I can’t wait to get caught up on more projects!

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