PETG Print results from Makerbox 18

Earlier this month, I received Makerbox 18. The Makerbox contained Easy, Explorer, and PETG filament samples. I posted about the Easy filament samples and Explorer filament samples earlier this week. Now I will post the results from the Makerbox PETG selection. This is a newer addition to the Makerbox family. It contains four samples of filament from the same manufacturer. The PETG manufacturer chosen for Makerbox 18 is FilamentPM.

PETG samples from FilamentPM

PETG samples from FilamentPM

FilamentPM provided the samples for this month’s Makerbox PETG filament. I’ve printed various models from FilamentPM in the past with good results. Recently I’ve been transitioning from printing mostly PLA and PLA+ to printing more often in PETG. I’ve done this primarily because PETG is more impact and heat resistant than PLA. Plus, PETG generally prints almost as easily as PLA.

The colors included with the Makerbox PETG selection are Brownish (recycled), Transparent Violet, JellyBOX Fluorescent Green, and JellyBOX Fluorescent Pink.

The recommended settings for the FilamentPM PETG are:

  • Hotend Temp: 220-250 C
  • Bed Temp: 80-90 C
  • Cooling: 30-50%
  • Speed: 40-60 mm/s

I printed all four samples on an Ender 3 V2 with a stock hotend. Purple glue was used on the bed as a release agent. The temp towers were printed in a range of 225C to 245C, with each level changing in five-degree increments. I printed the test models at a test height of .16mm. I used Cura to slice the temp towers. The models were sliced using a mixture of CURA and PrusaSlicer.

Recycled Brownish

One of the other reasons I’ve been transitioning to PETG is to use recycled filament. It makes sense to me that recycled filament is better for the environment. So I’m happy to see FilamentPM offering a recycled option.

The temp tower printed very well. There was some stringing on the bottom layer of the tower. But otherwise, the tower looks great.

Recycled Brownish PETG from FilamentPM

I chose to print Clippard parts for a Ghostbusters Proton Pack designed by Q for test models. The parts printed nicely. The only problem I had was putting a brim on them when I really shouldn’t have. The brim was unnecessary, and now I have to clean up where I took the brim off. However, the parts printed great, and I would have no problems using them on a proton back build.

Transparent Violet

I absolutely love translucent filaments. PETG translucent filaments are even better because the natural sheen that already exists for PETG is enhanced.

The temp tower printed pretty well. The bottom layer was quite rough, but the rest of the layers were pretty good. There was slight stringing on the top layer. But since the middle layer had no strings, I chose to use 235C as my test model printing temp.

Transparent Violet PETG from FilamentPM

The test model I chose was the head for Darkwing Duck, designed by RoberRollin. It is scaled to 90% and was printed with a brim and tree supports. The model turned out great. In fact, now I want more of this filament to print the whole model in Transparent Violet. There were only a few light strings on the model. The supports came off easy as well.

JellyBOX Fluorescent Green

Up next is JellyBOX Fluorescent Green. The temp tower for this filament printed very well. The bottom bridge had a slight bump, and there was some very fine stringing on the back of the tower. I chose 230C as the test model temp based upon the tower.

JellyBOX Fluorescent Green PETG from FilamentPM

The test model is a Kermit the Frog bust designed by RoberRollin. The model printed perfectly! The only problem is I still forgot to turn off the brim in my slicer. So I do need to clean up where I took the brim off. This is also a very lovely fluorescent color.

JellyBOX Fluorescent Pink

Finally, there is JellyBOX Fluorescent Pink. The towers for this temp tower printed well. The bottom bridge was excellent, with the upper bridges being rough. I chose 225 as my model test temp based on the tower.

JellyBOX Fluorescent Pink PETG from FilamentPM

The test model is a Missy Piggy bust designed by RoberRollin. This printed kind of rough. There seems to be under-extrusion the whole way through. I wasn’t watching the print as it was going, so I didn’t realize this until the model was already done. Afterward, I did verify there was a partial clog in my nozzle. Since the tower printed so nicely, I am assuming the problems with the model were due to the clog. It is a lovely shade of pink.


Overall I was pleased with the PETG selection from FilamentPM. I think it was great to see a recycled option. If I were to buy a complete roll, though, I would likely go after the Transparent Violet. It printed very easily and looks dang cool.

Song of the Day: I’d Do Anything For Love

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