3dElectronic was created to share experiences involving the maker world. Specifically this site focuses on 3D printing and creating electronic projects. Any maker is welcome to make guest posts, just contact Ken to make that happen.

Also, I will do posts on requested topics. If there is a particular type of build you would like to see, I can try to make it happen.

Ken Santema


Hello. Welcome the page I created to blog about the world of 3D printing, microcontrollers, electronics circuits, and single-board computers (mainly the Raspberry PI). I’ll update this page in the near future. But thought I should have something here.

Focus of this site
  • 3D printing
  • Learning about programming
  • Combining the world of 3D printing and electronics.
  • Microcontroller builds
  • Discovering various hardware to use with single board computers
  • Anything else maker related.